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The Defining Traits of The Web App Book

  • TheWHAT?

    This book is the perfect introduction to web apps (a.k.a. custom web programming) for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to see their websites be more profitable.

  • The WHO?

    Paul J. Scott is a veteran entrepreneur and web programmer who was helped dozens of people take their inspirations and turn them into profitable real-world businesses.

  • The WHEN?

    There has never been a better time to launch a new web app that starts or grows your business. We all use web apps every day, and the market is ready for your next big idea!

  • The HOW?

    This is the one guide you need to start integrating web apps into your business, or take your concept and turn it into something you and your customers can use.

About the Author

Paul J. Scott is a business owner, web based startup specialist, startup founder, and founder & president of GoingClear Interactive, a Boston based web design, web development and web app firm. His focus is helping businesses grow from zero to success, especially those who are web based or in need of a web app. Learn more about Paul by checking out his LinkedIn profile below.